Shenzhen oubokai Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as oubokai) is an innovative high-tech enterprise located in Longhua District of Shenzhen City. It is a supplier integrating R & D, manufacturing, sales and service of optical communication products. Since its establishment in 2005, the enterprise has developed rapidly and has branches in Yichun, Jiangxi, Hefei, Wuhan and Shenzhen.



Obokai has invested a lot of money in independent technology research and development all the year round, and established a high-quality R & D team with professor-level engineers as academic leaders and doctoral and master students as the backbone, with nearly 50 full-time R & D personnel. At the same time, the company has established academic communication bridges with many well-known universities at home and abroad, and has carried out long-term and in-depth school cooperation, and continuously improved the company's technological innovation capabilities through industry-university-research projects.


Obokai is committed to providing core capabilities and solutions for backbone network, metropolitan area network, access network and storage network. With excellent consistency, integrity, reliability and compatibility, Obokai Technology Co., Ltd. has become one of the suppliers of optical communication components and modules.


Bokai Technology provides efficient and convenient optical fiber communication solutions for global users. It always adheres to the concept of driving development by technological innovation and is at the forefront of the field of optical communication technology. We are global operators. The company's large-scale production and scientific management greatly reduce the cost of products, so that the price of products has a considerable market competitive advantage. We adhere to the business philosophy of "technological innovation, brand leading the future", and strive to provide high quality products and high-quality and perfect services for customers at home and abroad. After decades of operation, with a good market image and product reputation, the opticking brand has achieved excellent growth and wide recognition in the world.