OPTICKING Optical Module Product Status

As the 5G deployment process accelerates, operators begin to plan and start the construction of 5G bearer networks. 5G puts forward higher requirements on the bandwidth, delay, synchronization, reliability and flexibility of the bearer network, and faces the problems of high data transmission rate, high bandwidth and high reliability. In order to meet the new needs and challenges in 5G deployment, better serve 5G data transmission, Opticking integrate research and development resources, with the help of the latest 100G error rate instrument and optical oscilloscope and other precision equipment, and a strong research and development team, 25G(SFP28SR,SFP28LR,SFP28BI


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Shenzhen Obokai Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2005

Specializing in the production and sales of optical passive devices, the main products are: fiber jumper, pigtail, attenuator, adapter, splitter, heat shrink tube, fiber optic transceiver, PLC, etc.


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