Optical Modules Lead the Future of Data Centers

The wind of the big model has been blowing for more than half a year, and the arms race triggered by the GPT-4 has not stalled, but has intensified. Many people pay attention to the emergence of intelligence, and some people pay attention to computing power. In fact, the optical communication industry is also driven by AI.


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2022 Guangbo Exhibition 5D61

155M ~ 2.5G SFP,10g SFP ,25G QSFP,AOC,DAC,PLC


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September Exhibition Information CIOE 2019

September preview: CIOE2019 year (September 4-7). The 21st CIOE (China International Optoelectronics Expo) is the world's leading optoelectronic and photonics industry exhibition. The event showcases the entire supply chain. Nearly 2,000 + Photon players will be showcasing their cutting-edge products and technologies at CIOE 2019. It is an ideal platform to find new suppliers, source for new products, exchange technical ideas and discover more market opportunities. In addition, on-site activities such as new product and new technology demonstrations, VIP buyer matching, VIP lounge will provide you with more efficient visits


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