Online Recruitment

Foreign Trade Sales Manager

1. Lead, train and motivate the sales team and establish a good regional sales team;
2. Be responsible for the work assignment, performance management and other daily work management of subordinates, so that the team can achieve the overall goal of the company;
3. Responsible for assisting sales personnel in the negotiation, signing and collection of sales contracts;
4. Timely and comprehensive customer maintenance work for customers;
5. Collect and summarize the relevant national market and sales information, analyze it, put forward countermeasures and suggestions, study and analyze the customer situation, and report to the superior on a regular basis.

1. Bachelor degree, major in international trade, English, marketing, with the best minor languages;
2, with more than 5 years of optical communication industry sales experience, more than 2 years of sales team management experience, large optical communication enterprises with work experience is preferred
3. Good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills;
4, good at customer development and maintenance, good at communication with people, judgment and market development ability;
5. Be responsible for order review, participate in system review and review, implement policies and objectives, and be responsible for guiding and accompanying customer factory inspection.